Our Process

The journey of our milk

Collecting the milk from our farmers – receiving that precious primary product. We source our raw milk from our contracted farmers, with whom we have built up a successful and honest working relationship over many years. Following the milk collection, all the raw milk is transported to our dairies. The first milk sample is taken at the farm itself.


milk collection – getting the milk to the dairy

Every day, our dairy receives deliveries of high quality raw milk. Upon arrival at the plant, the milk tanker is weighed and its contents rigorously tested for quality in our laboratory. If the lactose, protein and fat contents, as well as the pH level and freezing point of the milk are acceptable, the raw milk is transferred to large chilled tanks.


how the milk gets into the carton

1. Separation: The milk is separated into cream and skimmed milk using centrifugal force. This effect is achieved by rotating the milk. This is how we produce milk with varying fat content.

2. Homogenisation: The small fat globules in the milk are made even smaller so that they distribute themselves evenly throughout the milk. This prevents the milk developing a layer of cream when stored for longer periods.

3. Heating: Following homogenisation, the milk is heated quickly and carefully. This allows the milk products to be stored for longer.


Before the milk goes on
for further processing
it is chilled.